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It's nice to see if a second version has a fresher quality than the first. In this case, I don't think it really happened. There are things I like, and don't like, in both. The clouds are better in the first version, but I think the horizontal shadow in the foreground is too strong. I like the color in foreground of the second as well as the softer, lighter value. I think I'll crop the bottom of the second so there's not quite so much real estate down there.

R. Soto
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By Dianne Mize in Art Tutorials > Painting Tutorials There’s something we demand of music we hear, of theatre we see, of novels we read, even of people we invite to dinner. . . we demand they not be boring. Boredom, believe it or not, can unravel an artwork as quickly as chaos. How can we avoid it in our painting? There are a number of strategies painters use to keep their work interesting, but one of the most important ones is […]

Marion Kolsby
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It is no secret that I love the impressionist movement. But how exactly do you paint in an impressionist style? Many artists seem to use it as an excuse to paint sloppily. But really, impressionism is just a relaxed form of realism in my opinion. Accuracy is still extremely important in impressionism. In this post,

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