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Capture dynamic and captivating shots with panning photography. Learn the techniques and secrets from experts to create stunning motion blur effects in your photos.
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What an incredible week! I have been literally gasping over all the entries that came in! Narrowing down the selection to just 11 was nearly impossible!! I had 35 that I just loved before the week was even up! I had to leave out some images that I absolutely adored! This is no easy task, but I did want to represent all the various ways to capture motion. Thank you so much to everyone who submitted for all the inspiration--you guys ROCKED this theme!! Jennifer Brandon Photography I adore the…

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Photos taken with a camera do not represent a single moment of time. Due to technological constraints these shots stand for some scene over a brief period of time. This time frame depends on the camera's shutter speed. In motion blur, any object moving with respect to the camera will look blurred or smeared along the direction of relative motion.

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Panning is a technique where you pan your camera to follow the motion of your subject and render motion blur to the background but capture the subject sharp (see the example below). While it sounds quite easy, it often takes a little bit of practice to master. If you’ve been trying to do a good panning shot, but have found it a difficult challenge for you, the following tips should prove helpful.

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I would like to introduce one of the most interesting techniques in photography — “Panning”. Many might wonder and ask:” What is panning?” “Using frying pan?” Answer is no. Panning is very simple, just set shutter speed, aperture, hold your camera and pan along with moving subject (tracking motion with your camera). Guess what you […]

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Using intentional camera movement to create some amazing and unique images. While most of us know that panning can be used to capture movement, this technique is also great for photographing stationary objects, or creating artistic, abstract images.

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