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Explore the world of paper illustration with these beautiful and creative ideas. Get inspired to create your own stunning paper artworks and bring your imagination to life.
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Harry is London born, but escaped to the coves of Cornwall to study Illustration in Falmouth before returning to the capital once more. His background in traditional printmaking is prevalent and remains pivotal to his style, using the parameters of limited colour palettes and block colours often associated with screen printing. He's a craftsman of smart, observational and narrative driven work with a healthy dose of grit.

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Illustrator Sonia Alins (previously) creates evocative aquatic scenes using a combination of two and three dimensional elements. Smooth, translucent vellum creates the visual effect of water, and Alins sometimes inserts tufts of colored thread or small sheets of tulle to invoke the ocean floor’s textural topography. Alins then creates carefully placed slits in the vellum to allow her figurative illustrations to peek through the water. Swimming women and the occasional whale move through the…

Chloë Wicks