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Discover a collection of unique and stylish paper jewelry ideas that will add a touch of creativity to your accessory collection. Explore different designs and techniques to create your own paper jewelry masterpiece.
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I started making paper earrings in college for extra money. I was seriously into the mixed print Memphis style and I always had colorful painted paper scraps left over from my fashion presentations. Mind you, this was before computers when you had to cut with scissors, paste with actual glue and use rub-on letters instead of picking a font from hundreds on the internet and printing them out from a home computer! It's soooo much easier now, but I digress. This paper mache project is a great…

Anindia Kalindava
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This summer, Kitty’s go-to earrings are a pair made out of handmade paper. She loves how lightweight they are and that the ornate print goes with everything. It dawned on us that we could raid our scrapbook paper stash and make our own paper earrings in a flash! So we each picked out a piece ... Read More about How To Make Paper Earrings

Margaret Gutierrez

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