Passive cooling

Discover effective passive cooling techniques to keep your home cool and comfortable without relying on electricity. Save energy and reduce your carbon footprint with these innovative ideas for passive cooling.

Project: Three Trees Location: Eagle Rock, California Large rocks squeezed into together by 'wood shelves' insulate the South face of the house. The rocks absorb the heat during the day lowering the solar gain. At night the rocks give heat back into into the air as the temperature outside drops. The rock wall and the desert climate work in concert to passively cool the house. Jeremy Levine Design

Patricia McCarthy
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One of the best ways to create a perfect home is to create it with respect to the natural elements acting up around it, good architecture exists in harmony with nature. Passive Cooling does not only give user comfort, but it also saves energy making the house sustainable. There are a lot of passive cooling techniques but here are some that can be applied to your future home in the tropics.

Wendy VanBramer