Pecan pralines

Indulge in the rich and nutty flavor of homemade pecan pralines. Try these irresistible recipes and satisfy your sweet tooth with a batch of these delectable treats.

Looking for an authentic, Southern pecan pralines recipe? This Savannah pralines copycat recipe combines butter, sugar, vanilla, whipping cream, and pecans for a rich decadent sweet. The creamy buttery flavors melt in your mouth with every crunchy bite.

Melody Beckwith
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These sweet and sugary pralines are loaded with toasted pecans – they are a classic Southern treat that practically melts in your mouth! Happy Mardi Gras! Today I’m sharing my favorite Southern treat – Pralines! Have you ever had a praline? My first experience with them was in New Orleans on one of our trips. I wasn’t really sure what to expect since they aren’t very common here in Arizona. They are sweet little confections made from combining sugar, milk and nuts – in most cases pecans. As…

Nina Cunicelli