Performing arts classroom

Transform your classroom into a hub of creativity with these inspiring ideas for a performing arts space. Enhance your students' learning experience and foster their artistic talents.
Drama Classroom Ideas, Drama Classroom Decorations, Theater Classroom, Theatre Classroom, Middle School Drama, Theatre Education, Theater Teacher, Drama Room Ideas School, Theatre Teacher How to Organize a Theatre Classroom Well it's time to welcome back students for a new school year! I had a wonderful break from all things school related (including this blog) but I'm back and geared up for a new year. I am so excited about all of the fun adventures we are going to have with my students. This year I have 125 theatre students come to school specifically to learn theatre! That is the most I have ever had! I know we are going to have a great year…

jeshaiah love
Lake Central High School Room Concepts: December 2011

MEDIA CENTER PLAN Media Center notes: Media Center: Storage capabilities for over 15,000 volumes The majority of book shelves will be lower than 48" tall. Computer stations near the circulation desk. All monitors will face the circulation desk. Shelving broken up into sections and interrupted with different types of class seating spaces (tables and chairs in one area, soft seating in another). Room would be a larger volume with potential for clerestory windows (windows above the adjacent…

Kathy Comisiak