Discover the most beautiful and vibrant petunia varieties that will add a burst of color to your garden. Enhance the beauty of your outdoor space with these stunning flowers.
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Opera Supreme Lilac Ice Trailing Petunia Seeds - Annual Flower Seeds

Buy Opera Supreme Lilac Ice trailing petunia seeds. Superbly stunning in person, a photo cannot do justice to this silvery bloom with deep purple veins. Opera Supreme Lilac Ice petunia produces a showstopping cascade of 2 inch silver/white/lilac flowers on 3-4 feet long tendrils over a very long bloom season. Given top honors at the Dallas Arboretum plant trials, Opera Supreme Lilac Ice deserves every available accolade. Ideal for hanging baskets and other vertical plantings, Opera Supreme…

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Spring is near, can't wait to plant the beautiful 'Surfinia Heartbeat' petunia in the garden! #petunia #suntoryflowers #gpnmag Petunias, Exotic Flowers, Petunia Tattoo, Petunia Plant, Petunia Flower, Unusual Flowers, Pretty Plants, Flower Aesthetic, Beautiful Blooms

Petunia 'Surfinia Heartbeat' - Greenhouse Product News

‘Surfinia Heartbeat’ from Suntory Flowers is an adorable novelty petunia featuring white flowers with a pattern of pink hearts. The hearts grow with love, care and adequate fertilizer. Plants have a tidy, compact, mounding and trailing habit, and are weather tolerant. This new variety is perfect for Mother’s Day promotions or to support a favorite […]

Greenhouse Product News
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To keep your petunias looking great try to implement these tips during your blooming season. These are techniques I use in the hot, humid southeastern United States. It can seem like a lot of work but by doing a little at a time, you’ll reap huge benefits with these beautiful flowers.

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