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Transform your space with elegant piano decor that adds a touch of sophistication. Explore top ideas to showcase your love for music and create a harmonious ambiance.
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Good morning. I hope you've been enjoying a nice weekend and some quality family time. Although we have some rain in the forecast this week, our past few days felt like a gift. We managed to spend most of the weekend outdoors which was really lovely. I also snuck in some organizing which I'm still

Bianca Medrano
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Victorian-style interiors are full of character and charm. We all have the image in our heads of Victorian Britain, don’t we? Small children being used as chimney sweeps, soot and coal deposits layered on top of each and every surface, scandals and marvels being uncovered at break-neck speeds… What interests most about the Victorians are....[Continue Reading]

Fernanda Assis Ferreira
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I don't know about you guys, but I love me some before/afters. I'm always so inspired to see how someone takes a bare, unattractive space and transforms it into something beautiful. I wanted to share with you some before/afters of our old apartment - but a backwards version! Since I don't h