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Explore a collection of creative picture painting ideas to inspire your next masterpiece. From abstract to realistic, find the perfect idea to bring your vision to life.
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There is hardly any child who is not attracted to the Disney characters. It’s really hard to find to one and simultaneously there is hardly any human who haven’t listened about Disney land. So obviously there is a reason behind this popularity. We are not here to find out this reason but we are here...

Sharon Phillips
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It's not easy, but it's not impossible. I didn't use a microscope or nanotechnology; instead, I used a magnifying glass and a needle for painting. I made the aluminum frames myself, using jewelry tools, as there are no frames like these available for sale. This painting represents Brazil, the country where I live. I know there are smaller paintings, but this art is entirely handmade, without the use of nanotechnology. Espero que gostem, é um pequeno desafio.