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Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Plains Indians and discover their traditions, art, and history. Learn about their unique way of life and gain a deeper understanding of this vibrant Native American culture.

Close-up of painting at center of leather “Robe with Mythic Bird”, 1700-1740. From the Illinois Confederacy. On loan from Musée du quai Branly in Paris Installation view of “The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky” March 9 - May 10, 2015 Metropolitan Museum of Art New York, New York

Pan Ronner
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Show includes a pony beaded Blackfeet dress circa 1840, an Athapascan tunic, leggings, gloves, circa 1880, a Lakota shirt circa 1890, an Apache shirt de-accessioned from the Denver Art Museum, a Lakota boy's shirt circa 1890, as well as a collection of Ce

Brian Brodie
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from original paintings by Bryan Fosten. Red Cloud - Chief of the Oglala Sioux, Officer - 5th United States Cavalry, 1868. Red Cloud (1822-1909) was an eminent chief of the Oglala Teton Sioux. He opposed the construction of army forts along the Bozeman Trail in Wyoming, and in December 1866 wiped out a force of eighty men commanded by Captain Fetterman near Fort Phil Kearny. The following year Red Cloud's warriors were defeated by men of the 27th Infantry armed with newly issued…