Planting mums in pots

Discover creative ways to plant mums in pots and add vibrant colors to your garden. Get inspired by these top ideas to create a beautiful and eye-catching display of potted mums.
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Nothing lifts the mood and adds more pizazz and vibrance to a fall garden than fall mums. Chrysanthemums are one of the autumn's most beloved fall flowers to plant. They come in a wide array of cultivars that produce showy mounds of color as summer blooms fade. It can be fun to mix and match varieties to create a showy display of color before winter takes its hold. The garden mum continually impresses gardeners everywhere with their potential to be both an annual and a perennial depending on…

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Perennial mums are long-lived garden plants that bloom every fall in the flower garden. A wide range of species, flower forms, and colors are available to choose from. Perennial mums are best planted in the spring, giving the plants time to root into the surrounding soil before blooming. Mums purchased and planted in the fall …

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