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Enhance your space with plush patterns that add a touch of luxury and style. Explore top ideas to incorporate plush patterns into your decor and create a cozy atmosphere.
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Free Pattern Friday! Mimikyu Plush

Hi everyone! Today’s free pattern is a Pokemon that’s been a fan favorite ever since it was first released — Mimikyu! This lonely little guy is a ghost-type that doesn’t sho…

Nikki Bourne
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Free Pattern Leap Day! Capybara Plush

Surprise! We’ve got a pattern on a Thursday this time to celebrate leap day!I had a family member request a capybara, so that one got to leap up the poll for an early lead (I promise that wil…

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New Shop Pattern & Sale! Moth & Butterfly Plush 🦋

Hello everyone! I’ve got a new plush pattern I’ve added to my shop! I’ve had a handful of requests for various moth & butterfly species over the years, and they’ve gradu…

Red Rover
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Free Pattern Friday! Cheshire Cat Plush

I was so excited to see a Cheshire Cat as one of the high ranking ideas on my pattern poll! When I made my Cat Bus pattern many years ago I did a version in (Tim Burton) Cheshire Cat colors because…

Cornelia Schröter

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