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Explore insightful quotes on poor sportsmanship that can serve as a valuable lesson for parents. Encourage positive behavior and good sportsmanship in your children with these inspiring words.
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While leading a family full of kids who are in involved in a million different after-school sports is hectic AF, we can't deny the fact that there are so many positive reasons parents continue to shuttle them back and forth to practice. Of course sports keep kids active, which is great, but they also teach them about fairness and playing by the rules. Whether or not kids are athletes, playing casual games or even observing sporting events can help them learn the importance of being poised in…

Rebecca Smiley Weber
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No group in America is more partisan than sports parents. You know the type. They complain about inept refs. They complain about blind teammates who don't pass the ball to their kids. They complain about unspeakably vile opponents. They complain. Mia Hamm wants to offer advice for sports parents. 'Resist the urge to make excuses for your kids,' she said. Great idea, Mia. Hamm is the greatest soccer player in United States history, with apologies to Landon Donovan. She's a pioneer who led…