Pottery makers

Explore the world of pottery makers and their exquisite creations. Find inspiration and learn about the craftsmanship behind their unique pottery pieces.
Antique Pottery Makers' Marks | It’s logical to assume that porcelain and pottery manufacturers ... Vintage, Art, Design, Pottery Marks, Makers Mark, Pottery Makers, Antique Pottery, Antique Porcelain, Maker’s Mark

Every hobby, industry, and interest has its own nomenclature, and the antique business is no exception. Let’s start with the word antique. Unless a dealer is solely concentrating on the purchase and sale of items that are one hundred years of age or older, theoretically they’re not an ‘antique dealer.’ The term is used loosely because a dealer will handle some items that are old enough to be genuine antiques, but not all of their merchandise will qualify as an authentic antique. Where the…

Amber Rae