Power strip

Discover the best power strip options to conveniently and safely power multiple devices. Simplify your electronic setup and eliminate clutter with these top power strip ideas.
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Small USB Power Strip - The USB port can supply 3A/15W output total, Intelligent charging technology where each USB port can detect and deliver an ideal output current consistently of up to 2.4A. Portable Desktop Charging Station - Low-profile design plugs easily behind a sofa, couch, TV consoles, or other furniture that's too close to a wall, ideal for cell phones, iPad, laptops, lamp, MP3, MP4 cameras and more. Wide Space Outlets - 2 widely spaced outlets, AC plug supply max 1250W; could…

Turney Upside Down Power Strip Design by Yeeun Son - Tuvie Design Design, Studio, Diy, Power Strip, Electronic Products, Cmf, Electric Shock, Tech Design, Power

Twisted lines and accumulated dust are usually the problems of using power strip. Turney is a concept power strip that wants to eliminate that problems, dusty desk can affect your mood, furthermore, you need to pay attention to accidents such as fire and electric shock. Turney is a unique power strip with upside down design,...