Purple climbing roses

Enhance the beauty of your garden with stunning purple climbing roses. Discover top ideas to add elegance and charm to your outdoor space with these vibrant and fragrant flowers.
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Rainy Blue Climbing Rose -LivePlants | RARE Purple blend or mauve Climbing Rose | Mild fragrance |Easy to grow |Fetching

Rainy Blue is a new Climbing Roses in 2012. The flowers of Rainy Blue are lavender, It is a very rare cool-toned climbing rose variety, the flower not big, only 6 cm, with a light fragrance, multi-season continuous flowering, large flowers and small leaves. Rainy Blue is a multi-seasonal flowering variety that can generally bloom in spring and autumn, and a small amount in summer; Rainy Blue has very small flowers, but it is very large, and it can grow up to more than five meters long…

Amy Thomas