Quilting machine frame

Enhance your quilting experience with the perfect machine frame. Explore top options to ensure smooth and precise stitching for your quilting projects.
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Tutorials - Alterations to Ken Lund quilting frame - Hi. I purchased one of Ken Lund's quilt frames and had difficulty using it. I like doing loopy quilting designs, flowers, feathers, that kind of stuff, and I had a hard time using his design for this. It was just too stiff, it didn't want to turn. When I tried making

This frame is an improvement on the free motion quilting frame . I decided to use another pipe for the batting and place both the batting an... Diy, Crafts, Patchwork, Quilts, Machine Quilting, Quilting, Diy Quilting Frame For Sewing Machine, Diy Quilting Frame Plans, Sewing Machine Quilting

This frame is an improvement on the DIY Flynn Multi Frame. I decided to use two extra pipes below the frame to keep the batting and backing off the floor. However, this caused a drag problem. I removed these extra pipes from the instructions even though my bottom photos show the original frame. All three layers can be rolled together on the top rail. You could also roll the backing only and float the top and batting. The clamps will keep them tight enough without rolling. Furniture grade pvc…

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Main - DIY quilt frame for my sewing machine, any suggestions? - OK, so I saw an ad for the Flynn quilt frame, but I don't have 130 bucks plus shipping to buy it. I figured I could build myself a frame in a similar style as that one, and I'm hitting a little bump in the road. I got everything set up, and it works

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Pictures - Home Made Quilt Frame - This is my homemade quilt frame. Saving until I can get a really good one….I used garden rods for poles and lots of claps to hold the “quilt rods” in place. Used a six foot foldable table, shelving hangers for tracks and bought a Grace frame carriage upgrade. Great for baby quilts and

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The Cutie Tabletop Fabric Frame is the next step in simplifying the quilting and sewing experience. It manages fabric like a hoop, and can mount most home sewing machines. With its small space-saving form factor, you can set it up on any flat surface, and use it sitting or standing

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