Rammed earth wall

Discover the beauty and sustainability of rammed earth walls for your home. Explore top design ideas to create a unique and eco-friendly living space.
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This LEED for Homes Gold project is situated on a walnut ranch in the Central Valley. Marrying modern details with the age-old tradition of rammed earth, this home sets the standard for green design. It harnesses both passive and active heating and cooling strategies including thermal mass, geothermal heat pump, solar thermal and solar PV systems. Project Architect for Feldman Architecture Photography by Joe Fletcher

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Rammed earth is both a building method as well as a material. The rammed earth material is a combination of earth, gravel, silt, clay, and lime/cement as a stabilizer combined into a damp mix and is then rammed into forms in order to create a monolithic wall.Rammed earth construction has been around for many years, one of the most popular rammed earth walls in history is part of the great wall of china. Rammed earth construction isn't new, but it's going through a renaissance today. This…

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For thousands of years, rammed earth has been a hallmark of sustainable construction - thick insulating walls made from rock and earth sourced from the building site itself, or just nearby. Rammed earth has gone through a renaissance of sorts over the past 30 years with the craft being celebrated

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