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Learn how to maximize the potential of your photos by editing them in raw format. Discover top techniques and tools to enhance the quality and creativity of your images.
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How I Edit Photos in Lightroom

Original post here One of my absolute favorite hobbies is editing photos. I know: it doesn’t sound thrilling, but I can’t even tell you how much I enjoy it. :) Hand me a glass of Chardonnay, my headphones, and an SD card full of unedited photos, and I’m one very happy girl! So today, I thought I’d share my Lightroom editing process with you.

This is straight out of the camera image. Photo by Dzvonko Petrovski Raw Photography, Raw Images, Unedited Photos, Fashion Poster Design, Photo Techniques, Long Exposure Photography, Raw Photo, Travel Photography Tips, Photo Editing Lightroom

How to Make Your RAW Files Pop With Lightroom

Have you ever opened your RAW files tosee that they lack contrast and saturation? This happens due to the fact that the camera doesn't apply any settings to the photo. On the contrary, it just packs all the data that the sensor captured into one filefor you to deal with, later on. In fact, by shooting RAW, you collect a lot more digital information compared to JPG which is very useful when it comes time to edit in Photoshop or Lightroom for pulling out the details that exist in the file. So…

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Photographer Manages To Capture The Soul Emotion Of Bangladesh's Population David Moreno, Human Painting, Reference Photos For Artists, Human Figure Sketches, Portraiture Painting, Native American Beauty, Touch Of Gray, Genuine Smile, Dhaka Bangladesh

Photographer Manages To Capture The Soul Emotion Of Bangladesh's Population

Mou Aysha isn't a professional photographer in the true sense of the word, meaning it's more of a passion to her rather than a job. However, this isn't a blemish on her ability to capture beauty in her portraits. Mou, who lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, has a keen eye for very sensitive, emotional, even soulful, moments, and her every picture is a testament to that. Her 53k followers are a testament to that too.

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