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Jeff and Dylan were set up by their mutual friend, Milan in the spring of 2017. "He was convinced that we would be a perfect match. I agreed to the date knowing Milan would be there as a buffer however, let him know that I was not looking for anything serious. Meeting Jeff was like listening to a song for the first time and knowing it would be my favorite. The connection was immediate. After just one date, it had felt like we had known each other for years." "Jeff claims that he knew I was…

Merryn Maynard
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Katerina and JJ were married in San Diego and then celebrated with friends and family in Mexico. "For us the most important thing was that everyone felt like this was a party! All we wanted was a big party with all our friends, lots of amazing food and non-stop drinks. It really was all that we imagined and more!"

Betty Shaqiran
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Sydney and Nick work in the wedding industry, so they had a list of trends and formalities they knew didn’t seem like them. "But we didn’t have a single idea of what we actually wanted for our own day - until Nick’s dad offered his childhood home as a venue. From there, we created the most personalized wedding experience we couldn’t have dreamed of."

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Madison and Jonathan planned their own wedding. "Doing it ourselves was quite a fun challenge. We both are creatives, so we felt we could do it on our own. The goal was to make it feel like an old Hollywood Oscars after party. "

Kathryn Brooks Kelley
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Casey and Matt never felt forced into any particular traditions when planning their NYC wedding. "Our style was always focused on simplistic, moody and sleek accents and when we had visited our venue a few times prior to our wedding, we had thought that the restaurant on the 2nd floor and adjoining bar would be the perfect spot to create a 'Gossip Girl' meets 'Mad Men' style event."