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His Little Game (Vincent x Reader) A FNaF Fanfic (#Wattys2015) - Chapter Ten - Staying The Night #wattpad #fanfiction Phone Guy, Security Guard, The Story

(Y/N) Got a job at Fazbear's Pizza for the summer. She meets a man with the name of Vincent on her first day. They form a strange relationship together, and go through a lot together. His secret, their strange love, and a night that twists their life upside down. THIS WAS WRITTEN EARLY IN THE FNAF SERIES (right after fnaf 2 was released) . THIS IS N O T EVEN REMOTELY CANON AT ALL AND IS JUST A FANFIC SO PLEASE DON'T GET YOUR UNDIES IN A TWIST IF THINGS DON'T MAKE SENSE ACCORDING TO FNAF 3…