Red tea

Experience the amazing health benefits of red tea and incorporate it into your daily routine. Learn about its antioxidant properties and how it can boost your immune system for a healthier lifestyle.
afternoon tea... Artful Affirmations...I like how the pieces don't match but they both work because of the gold trim. Tea Cakes, Rose Teapot, Aesthetic, Vintage Art, Tea Art, Tea Room, Teapots, Tea Lover, Vintage Tea

Hello All! Welcome to Tea Cup Tuesday! You are just in time for a Christmas tea... Come in and warm yourself by the fire. How about a cup of English Breakfast while we chat? How are you doing? Are you celebrating Christmas? If you do, what is your favorite part of this holiday? This sweet little vintage tea pot has a festive feel to it. I found it last winter, after the holiday. (I only just realized I do not have any Christmas tea cups... not one!) It must be the gold trim and the red and…

Margaret Rozowski