Remove dents from car

Learn how to easily remove dents from your car using these effective methods. Restore your car's appearance and maintain its value with these helpful tips and tricks.
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Here’s an exceedingly cheap, easy, and quick way to fix car dents that might save you hundreds of dollars at the body shop. Everyone at some time in their life ends up with a big ol’ dent in their car. This could happen when some hooligan rams your automobile with a shopping cart or a

Ruby Pender
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Before you spend hundreds at the body shop, you may be able to take out some of your car dents on your own. Here are seven hacks to help your car look like new. Use a Plunger Pour some water over your dent and on the plunger and start plunging your dent. Make sure you’re...

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There should be a nobel prize for life hacks! And if there was... this guy should definitely be considered. This man had a problem and he used his Wife's hair dryer to solve it. To get rid of a small dent in the back of his beautiful white pick-up truck he takes a hair dryer to heat up the dent, then takes an air duster, the kind you find for a couple bucks at office supply stores, turns it upside down, causing it to blow out super cold air - The heat from the hair dryer causes expansion…

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