Take control of your respiratory health with these effective tips. Learn how to improve your lung function and breathe easier with simple lifestyle changes and preventive measures.
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Other viral pneumonia

Other viral pneumonia, ICD-10: J12.8. Symptoms, Chapter, Cases. What is Other Viral Pneumonia? Other Viral Pneumonia, also known as atypical pneumonia, is a type of pneumonia caused by viruses other than the influenza virus. This type of pneumonia is c...

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Respiratory System Lungs Body

Respiratory System Lungs in a Human Body 3D model THIS SCENE RENDERS EXACTLY AS ATACHED PREVIEW no Vray or any other plugin required High resolution, realistic, detailed, medically and anatomically accurate model of a complete respiratory system with all parts. Created in 3dsmax State of the art texturing materials Anatomicaly and medicaly correct You can easly control mesh smoothnes of every part by aplied modifiers. geometry divided by elements (you can easlly change colors, materials) All…

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Upper Respiratory Tract Anatomy, Part Of Respiratory System, The Human Breathing System, Structure Of Respiratory System, Human Lungs Diagram, Breathing System Diagram, Pharynx Diagram, Parts Of Respiratory System, Respiratory Diagram

What are the different body systems in human body and what are their functions? | Socratic

There are total 11 systems in human body containing their specific organs hence are called as organ systems. These are muscular system, digestive system, integumentary system, skeletal system, circulatory system, respiratory system, lymphatic system, endocrine system, excretory system and reproductive system. All these systems contain their specific organs. However, these systems are somehow related to each other. Breif concept to their functions is as follows: Muscular system to provide…


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