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A Classroom Management System for Middle School - Maniacs in the Middle

Having a classroom management system in middle school is so hard!! A lot of it is too “elementary” for them and they just won’t buy into it! If you want a management system to work for any grade level, there has to be buy in from the students. When I was in college I had a professor who was like Mr. Feeney to me & he told us, “a child will do anything for a Jolly Rancher.” I used this to my advantage & made it into my classroom management system! Jolly Rancher Wars is a weekly challenge…

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Logical Consequences as Classroom Management for Teens

Discipline through love and logic in the middle and high school years - How & Why to Incorporate logic into your class management and teaching procedures

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Middle School Rewards That Don't Cost You a Penny!

Middle School Rewards Are you searching for a way to motivate your middle school students? Found a way to track positive behavior but not sure what to do now? Treasure box? No, that's too elementary. Prizes? No, that's too expensive. Reward coupons are the way to go! Your students will love the opportunity to be rewarded with things that matter to them. Plus, these no-cost options will cut down on the amount of money you need to spend on your classroom! Or, really, just allow you to spend it…

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Seven Tips You Need To Manage A Chatty Class In Middle School -

Managing a chatty classroom is a skill that any middle school teacher must learn. These seven tips will help manage the talking in their classroom.

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How I Start Every Middle School Class Period

This single classroom procedure has made a HUGE difference in my experience teaching middle school. My first year teaching I didn't do this and I knew that something needed to change. I decided to put into a place a daily bellringer for every one of my classes. I am a Family Consumer Sciences teacher so I teacher 4 different classes!You can call it whatever you want to call it but I call it a bell ringer because my students are expected to be doing it as soon as the bell rings to start…

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My Rule #2 for Teaching Middle School - Loving Language Arts

My rule #2 for teaching middle school in a series showing teachers how to bring out the best behavior in adolescents.

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Quick and Easy Middle School Brain Breaks - The OT Toolbox

Quick and easy middle school brain breaks will help keep your middle schoolers' brains fresh, support emotional regulation, and mental health.

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My Very Best Whole-Class Behavior Management Strategy

There are times throughout the year when it seems like your classes just aren’t going right. You are working hard on your lessons, thinking of engaging applications, and even trying to add ch…

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Brain Breaks for Middle School

Brain breaks for middle school students are extremely important not only for everyone's sanity, but for their brain development.

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