Reverse trike

Experience the thrill of a reverse trike and explore the open road like never before. Find top ideas to customize and enhance your reverse trike for a one-of-a-kind adventure.
BMW R18 3 wheel motorcycle by ShifCustom 3 Wheel Motorcycle, Reverse Trike, Futuristic Motorcycle, Trike Motorcycle, Concept Motorcycles, Cool Motorcycles, Motorcycle Design, Vintage Motorcycles, Super Bikes

Three-wheeled motorcycles get a bad rap, but we can think of a few good uses for them. They're especially useful for riders who love the feeling of riding a bike, but are physically unable to keep one upright. And if you must ride a trike, you might as well do it in style. This glorious contraption was built for one such customer, with a BMW R18 as a donor. It's the work of Yuri Shif's award-winning ShifCustom workshop, located in Minsk. And if ever there was a style that suited the R18's…

Jorge Cotto