Rhode island red hen

Learn how to successfully raise and care for Rhode Island Red hens. Discover the best practices for feeding, housing, and keeping these popular backyard chickens happy and healthy.
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Rhode Island Red (Ultimate Guide)

Rhode Island Reds are well loved by everyone from the person raising backyard chickens in an urban neighborhood backyard to homesteaders with acres of free ranging space. This breed is hardy, amazing egg layers, have great personalities, and make a colorful addition to any flock.

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Considering Rhode Island Red chickens? The 19 things you must know first — The Featherbrain

Rhode Island Reds are one of the most popular chicken breeds in America and abroad, and they’re popular for a reason. These birds are prolific and reliable egg layers, friendly in nature, impressive meat birds, and exceptionally hardy. They are versatile, thriving both in backyard and barnyard sett

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Best Breeds When Raising Pastured Poultry

The continued rise in the popularity of homesteading and sustainable living has led to an increase in awareness for raising pastured poultry. Pastured poultry is a sustainable technique where flocks are raised on pastures, as opposed to indoor confinement, for humane reasons and health benefits. It is also gaining popularity because it helps farmers by […]

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Rhode Island Red Day Old Chicks

Rhode Island Red Day Old Chicks Rhode Island Red Chickens are a popular dual-purpose breed that is a familiar standby in many chicken coops. As the name suggests, this breed was developed in Rhode Island, and is the state's official bird! Rhode Island Red hens are calm and are among the best layers…

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Top 11.5+ Tips for Rhode Island Red Egg Production

Let me tell you a funny story about the time I first got into raising Rhode Island Red chickens. I was young and eager, and bought a batch of 6-week old chicks without doing much research. Well, as they grew up over the next 16 weeks I quickly realized my little backyard coop was not