Rogue assassin

Explore the world of a rogue assassin and discover their deadly skills. Join the ranks of the stealthy and cunning as you embark on thrilling adventures and take down your targets with precision.
Thief 4 concept art - Page 6 Thief Garrett, Arte Ninja, Film Trailer, Pahlawan Marvel, Idee Cosplay, Kunst Inspiration, Stil Inspiration, Reference Photo, Fantasy Armor

I'll dump here whatever piece of art related stuff I'll find about Thief, anyone can contribute! Fist, some concept art from Viag (Nicolas Ferrand):

Rysarian Delèdur | Rysarian Wikia | Fandom powered by Wikia Kylar Stern, Assassin Rpg, Hooded Assassin, Rogue Assassin, Night Stalker, الفن الرقمي, Pathfinder Character, Human Male, Fantasy Male

Born in Neverwinter, Rysarian was orphaned when he was young. His parents were taken by slavers. He would constantly steal things and was eventually noticed by the thieve's guild and was taken on as an apprentice by Master Thief, Kivessan Leoqin. Rysarian would often go to the Feywild to explore when the city of Neverwinter got boring. Rysarian has been in trouble with the law many times in Neverwinter but never has been caught. Fear of word spreading, he set off to a far away place. At age…

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