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Discover unique ideas to add a rope ladder to your home decor. Enhance your space with a versatile and functional element that adds a touch of adventure to your living environment.
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Almost a year has passed since we started the tree house. As of my last post, I had put the floor on half of the structure but didn't have a photo of it yet. In the meantime, I put up rails around the outside edge and put a floor on what I have been referring to as the "back porch" -- the other side of the tree from the one you can see in the previous photo. Next I need to add a rope ladder, and once that's done I will consider it complete until probably next summer. I decided to put up…

Tara Edelman
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UNIQUE DESIGN: I have not seen anything like this for sale, and as far as I know this is pretty unique. This is a net tube made with 3/4" Promanila rope and 8" squares. The net tube has multiple loops around the circumference of the top for mounting - this is incorporated into the height/length of the tube. Included in the price are two openings. When you order this net-tube "Elevator", I will have to be in contact with you as to the location (along the height of the tube), size, and…

Jennifer Holder

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