Sausage lasagna

Indulge in the rich and flavorful sausage lasagna dishes that will satisfy your pasta cravings. Try these mouthwatering recipes and experience a taste of Italy at home.
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This Italian sausage lasagna is one of my family's favorite lasagna recipes, and for good reason! Each layer is made up of tender pasta noodles, sweet & spicy Italian sausage, three Italian cheeses, and lots of fresh herbs. It's cheesy, rich, and simply irresistible! From my family to yours!

Adrienne Martyniuk
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If you're looking for a classic Italian lasagna, get one from an Italian. Italian lasagna with ricotta is baked with luscious layers of sausage, ground beef, FOUR cheeses and two secret ingredients for authentic flavor. Ladle over some marinara sauce and for the best Sunday dinner the whole family will love.

Renee Staley

This Million Dollar Lasagna is the best easy lasagna recipe out there! Change up the fillings however you’d like- this version is layered with flavorful Italian sausage, marinara and Alfredo sauce. And no boiling noodles required. You might be wondering why I’m calling this Million Dollar Lasagna- simple. It’s easy and it’s the best lasagna...

Kelly Tietje