School icebreakers

Break the ice and create a positive classroom environment with these fun and engaging school icebreaker activities. Get students excited to connect and build relationships with their peers.
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Teaching Ideas for the First Day of School

First days of school can be stressful. There's an insane amount of pressure to make a great first impression. The administration wants you to go over the handbook of rules for the district. There's tons of forms that need to be filled out. You need to learn their names and it's hard because half the names don't match your class list. His name is Samuel but he goes by S.J. Her name on your roll says Mary, but she goes by Mary Beth. You want to start off the year on the right note regarding…

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9 Back-to-School Icebreakers for Elementary School

Teachers can use these fun back-to-school icebreaker activities for elementary students in the classroom or remotely.

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101 Middle School Icebreakers: Games, Activities, Worksheets, & Questions

Discover 101 engaging icebreakers for middle school, including games, activities, worksheets, and questions to help students connect & thrive

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