Schroder house

Immerse yourself in the fascinating design and history of Schroder House. Discover the innovative features and artistic elements that make this iconic building a must-visit for architecture enthusiasts.
Project 2: Schroder House House Design, 3d, Architecture, Gate House, Sectional Perspective, Schroder House, House, Architect, Gate

Our second assignment for design communication is divided into 3 parts, which are orthographic projections, axonometric projections and perspective drawings. Our assigned building was Schroder House, by architect Gerrit Rietveld. 2a: Orthographic Projections: " A means of representing a three dimensional in two dimensions along with drawing that communicate the shape and size of the object through a series of related two dimensional views." In this 2a assignment, we are required to produce…

Shahbaz Khan
THE RIETVELD-SCHRODER HOUSE: DIAGRAMS: AN IN-DEPTH ANALYSIS OF THE DESIGN OF THE RIETVELD-SCHRODER HOUSE Floor Plans, Site Plans, Design, House Design, Architecture, Masters, House Plans, Architecture House, Site Plan

RED 5 has spent the day drawing, analyzing, and interpreting the Rietveld-Schroder house in plan and elevation. After countless sheets of trace paper and constant layering, we have come to realize many of the house's distinct design qualities. PLAN LAYOUTS These diagrams show that the building has a centralized core consisting of the spiral staircase. This staircase runs connecting both levels of the building; all of the other living areas have been planned around this central area of the…

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