Scrap fabric quilt patterns

Discover a variety of creative and colorful quilt patterns using scrap fabric. Turn your leftover fabric into beautiful quilts that add warmth and style to your home. Get inspired and start quilting today!
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7 Fast How to Quilt with Scrap Fabric Patterns

Check out these beautiful modern quilts made with scrap fabric you have from other quilts and sewing projects! If you want to learn how to quilt or simply looking for a new patchwork design then this is a perfect way to use up those scraps you have sitting around. Learn how to make these beautiful scrap quilts using these great step by step tutorials. Yep, Ladies it's time to do some fabric scrap recycling! {snicker} Today I'm featuring square patchwork, quilting in diagonal rows, things to…

Penny Dunn
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Ombré HST Quilt Pattern - Sarah Goer Quilts

Inspired by a quilt that my friend Mary shared with me from Pinterest, I decided to design an Ombré HST quilt mathematically. This was the result. I chose to use a gradient of eight different values, numbered 1-8 from lightest to darkest. I began by drawing a 7 by 9 rectangle in my graph notebook and ...continue reading →

Sandra Struck Germann
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2 1/2" Scrappy Squares

My self-imposed ban on blog reading and posting is over as Lent ends tonight. I was only posting finishes on my blog, since this is my way of keeping track of what I've done and, more importantly, when. I missed reading about everyone's quilting adventures, but it was good for me to stop for a bit. As with most of us, the mask making continues. In between making masks, I worked on this scrappy quilt using 2 1/2" squares. As those who follow me know, I do not enjoy making scrappy quilts and…

Janet Murphy
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The Summer Scrap Elimination Project: Week 1

It's the first day of summer and here in Arizona and it is HOT, HOT, HOT! It's definitely time to hole up in my studio and make new things until cooler weather is with us again. This year I got back from my latest trip and started studio clean up. Usually that process begins with putting away my scraps from recent projects, but this time I was confronted with this image. What a wreck! Not only can I not find anything in my scrap drawers, but I also can't fit any more in those drawers. As yo

Robin Pollack