Section drawing

Learn how to create professional section drawings with these creative tips. Explore techniques, tools, and examples to enhance your architectural and design projects.

London based filmmaker & photographer working with architectural films, architectural photography, brand films and storytelling videography. Video and photography content creation, architectural filmmaking and architectural videography in London, UK.

Arik Abraham
MATALA - Architectural Design Archive by DPA Architecture, Urban, Architecture Portfolio, Layout, Architecture Graphics, Architecture Board, Architecture Panel, Architecture Visualization, Concept Architecture

The project proposes the revitalization of Mátala from what it was and the ideals through which its habitability was produced in the 60s, by the hippie society. Nomads who lived, with the utmost respect, the natural environment, merging with it and converting all people and their habitat into a whole. A singular way of life and a new social experimentation that is different from what has been established and proven. Thus, a system that dialogues with the environment is proposed, that…

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