Sew a cross body bag

Learn how to sew a stylish and functional cross body bag with these easy DIY ideas. Find step-by-step tutorials and create your own trendy accessory today.
How to make: a quilted bum bag/shoulder bag/fanny pack (or whatever name you call it) — Joz Makes Quilts Couture, Patchwork, Quilts, Pouch Sewing, Bum Bag Pattern, Sewing Bag, Quilted Crossbody Bag, Zipper Bags, Quilted Bag

You know you are getting old when you start to see fashions that you have seen before coming back into style- case in point- the bum bag. I initially rolled my eyes when I saw people starting to wear these (albeit in a much more stylish way than the 90's) but I soon gave in to the trend and bought m

Alicia Follett