Shirt folding

Learn efficient shirt folding techniques to keep your closets neat and organized. Discover tips and tricks for folding shirts like a pro and maximize your closet space.
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Last weekend, we took a giant reprieve from all of the holiday hustle and bustle and just chilled for a bit on Saturday afternoon. This, probably not the wisest of choices, led me to the usual all out panic that ensues the week before Christmas as I realized I had so much left to do before the big day. So instead of planning, shopping, and wrapping I decided it seemed like the perfect time to organize my husbands t-shirt drawer; because…priorities. Don’t think for a second though that this…

Kristy Kenbok
How to Fold the Perfect T-shirt to Save Space: 3 Steps (with Pictures) Useful Life Hacks, Shirts, Organisation, Shirt Folding Trick, Shirt Folding, How To Fold, Folding Clothes, How To Fold Towels, T Shirt Folding

How to Fold the Perfect T-shirt to Save Space: Follow these basic instructions for help when folding T-shirts and short sleeve shirts.This is a quick and easy technique to keep your T-shirts and shorts sleeve shirts folded and organised properly inside drawers or on top of each other.

Marianne Lindsey