Slime types

Discover a variety of slime types to engage your senses and unleash your creativity. Get inspired by the top slime ideas and start your slime-making adventure today.
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Make soft and fluffy cloud slime that you won’t want to stop playing with! For some more slime making fun, here’s a unique soft and fluffy slime known as cloud slime. It creates a pillowy slime that forms soft strings that melt back into itself. It’s absolutely one of my favorite types of slime because it’s so soft. #slime #cloudslime #diyslime

AB Crafty

Soft and smooth texture while being stretchy, butter slime is the perfect kids craft. This homemade butter slime is one of my kids favorite slimes to make. As self proclaimed slime experts, my kids say that this smooth stretchy slime is the best type of slime to make and play with.

Jaime Faulkner
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