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Discover a variety of delicious and healthy SlimFast recipes to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Try these easy recipes and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle today.
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A week or so ago I started my new weight loss challenge thanks to SlimFast. I have received a 7 day starter kit, which included everything I need to keep me going for the next 7 days: - 6 milkshakes: summer strawberry, chunky chocolate, cafe latte - 7 snack bags: cheddar bites, sour cream and chive pretzels - 7 snack bars: chocolate caramel, heavenly chocolate - 8 meal replacement bars: chocolate crunch, summer berry - meal plan ideas booklet SlimFast starter pack is a meal replacement diet…

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After a long day at work, eating a balanced dinner is easier said than done. To help you make healthier choices that won’t derail your good intentions, simply pick one of these recipes: they’re all 500 calories or fewer and are low in saturated fat and hidden sugar. They’re also high in the good stu

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I love Slimfast. It may be old school weightloss, but it's yummy IMO. However I get tired of drinking shakes and hate to spend money on the bars all the time. So after looking at a few recipes I came up with my own bars. Here's your super easy, 2 minute recipe. 2cups whole oats 4scoops Chocolate Slimfast (use any flavor of chocolate you want) 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk 1/2 cup of natural peanut butter Mix ingredients in large bowl (I used my hands, it was much easier). Line an…

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