Small to medium box braids

Elevate your hairstyle with stylish and versatile small to medium box braids. Discover top ideas to rock this trendy look and unleash your inner fashionista.
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Spread the love It protects your ends. It grows your hair. It’s low maintenance. And will still make you look good. It’s not a bird, it’s not a plane and it’s not coconut oil but it is box braids. And they are here to lend a helping hand, especially through the next few gruelling months …

Candice Cheesman
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Box braids are one of the most convenient protective styles out there and come in handy when you want to leave your natural hair alone for a few weeks. They're also incredibly easy to style, even when your ends are tucked away. Still, if you're someone who's never had them before, there's a lot to think about when getting them for the first time. That includes researching which hairstylist you should trust to do the job, how you want them to look length- and color-wise, and more importantly…

Ylonda Calloway
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Goddess braids are a cool hairstyle that you can make your own by choosing the length, color, and style you like. You can wear them in different ways, like a fancy up do or a trendy look with shaved sides. These braids are thicker than regular ones and are done close to your scalp. They...