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Explore innovative solutions for social housing that provide affordable and sustainable living options. Discover how these housing projects are making a positive impact on communities and improving quality of life.
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White as the main color which defines the philosophy of architecture. The game of lights and shadows , along with the wide openings of the balconies, forms the multi-layered facade of the building. Spacious balconies, which are very rare in residential ar…

boca fabiola
High-density housing complex on Behance Residential Architecture, Architecture, Modular Housing, Social Housing Architecture, Residential Complex, Residential Building, Architecture Site Plan, Architectural Floor Plans, Architecture Concept Diagram

The project of High-dencity housting complex. It was supposed to design a residential complex that would be accessible to ordinary citizens, as on a small area was supposed to accommodate a big group of people, and besides of housing its will include a be…

sofia grau
The winning results of the Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge | News | Archinect Residential Architecture, Architecture, Interior, Studio, Urban, Residential Architecture Plan, Social Housing Architecture, Residential Architecture Apartment, Architecture Concept Diagram

The Sydney Affordable Housing Challenge global ideas competition sought pilot-phase design concepts for affordable housing in Sydney, where the economy is strong yet residential space is among the least affordable according to surveys of major metropolitan markets. The jury looked for...

Perla Sarvani
First Price in the European Architectural Design Competition for "Community social housing authorities to ECO design" | Eirini Xanthopoulou | Archinect Residential Architecture, Urban, Architecture, Residential Architecture Plan, Architecture Design Competition, Social Housing Architecture, Architecture Plan, Architecture Project, Architecture Design

team: professor duth George Papagiannopoulos, Dimitrios Hristovasilis, Eirini Xanthopoulou, Ekaterina Mirizaki. The complex consists of 33 residences which share on equal terms the spatial qualities and the varieties of the open and closed spaces. The territory areas of each residence...

Miguel Sottile