Sock knitting patterns

Get inspired with these creative and cozy sock knitting patterns. Find the perfect pattern to keep your feet warm and stylish all year round. Start knitting now and step into comfort!
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Want to learn to knit socks or try a different sock knitting technique? In this detailed knitting tutorial, I will show you how to knit basic socks. This pair is knitted cuff-down in the round on double-pointed needles. It has a Square (Dutch heel), and a wedge toe.

Darla Greer
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How do you knit a sock? For some reason, socks get a bad rap as being difficult. People often ask “ Is it easy to knit socks? ” or “ How hard is it to knit socks? ” Guess what? They are much easier to knit than you think and I’ve rounded up the 10 best free sock knitting patterns to get you star

Rita Patchett
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I finally did it! This was the year I knit myself some socks! They're so great: I love them! They're so warm! If you want to see my process and finished knit socks, follow me on Instagram to see all the patterns I make! If you have not experienced the joy and warmth of handmade

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