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This past July, as an attempt to get better at concepting and at committing to actually finishing stuff, I challenged myself to do daily ship/space concept sketches each day! It was massively intense and hard, and though there was days where I definitely wasn't feeling it, I am mostly pretty happy with the results. All made in blender (except a couple in fusion), and rendered with octane. Heavy reliance on kitbashing (just stuff I already had lying around, I try not to use specific kitbash…

Noot Pietje
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The Terran Space Fleet is the military arm of the Terran Federation and it's purpose is to defend the Terran Federation. In Galaxy on Fire 3D, the Terran Space Fleet plays a major role as a belligerent in the Vossk Wars that pitted the Terran Federation against the Vossk Empire. Terran ships assisted Keith T. Maxwell on various missions to raid Vossk convoys and other Vossk ships. In Galaxy on Fire 2, the Space Fleet is more active, and attacking the Vossk at their stations on raids or…

G . S .
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The rescue pod was an extremely fun task to work on. I wanted it to feel a bit clunky and low tech, a cross between a forklift and a small research submarine who happened to be used in a very dangerous rescue mission :-) The final model was build by the very talented 3D artist Jonathan Vårdstedt ( supervised by Xuan Prada ( Vfx supervisor Niklas Jacobson.