Spanish board ideas

Enhance your Spanish learning experience with these creative board ideas. Explore fun and interactive ways to practice vocabulary, grammar, and conversation skills in the classroom or at home.
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Spanish Bulletin Boards to Increase Proficiency

How often do you ask your students “¿Cómo estás?” and their response is “bien.” If I had a nickel for every time my students responded with...

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Pinterest Successes and Pinterest Fails

Being the only Spanish teacher in my school, I have to depend on myself, my brain, and the Internet (Pinterest, in particular) when it comes to planning. We're also on a 90 minute block schedule in our middle school - crazy right? So needless to say I've got a TON of time to fill and need to keep my 12-14 year olds occupied and engaged. This is where I try out some of the things I find on Pinterest. Some of the ideas and activities I've found are incredible, and some are pretty worthless…

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Calendar Time in the Elementary Spanish Classroom Part Two

In a previous post I wrote about setting up a calendar area. Once you've got your calendar area set up then you can start putting it to good use. Decide when and how long you will do calendar time. A lot of this will be based on how much time you have. My classes are only 25 min and our full calendar routine can take up to 7-10 minutes. During a unit where one of the elements is part of calendar time then we take the time and do it every class or every other class. When it is not part of our…

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Where to find free Spanish class posters

This back to school season, you want to guard your time and focus on the things that matter most, your mental health and building relationships with your learners. For that

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Spanish Choice Board Ideas

Are you ready to use an awesome choice board in your Spanish class that will keep your students engaged, be easy for you to grade, and help you with differentiation? They are easy to make and can meet the needs of so many students! Bring differentiation to your Spanish classroom with choice board projects for any Spanish class. Learn how to design and grade your own choice boards. #choiceboards #projectbasedlearning #design #create #ideas #differentiation #projects #howto #spanish #espanol

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This "Yo Vi Espanol" Spanish class bulletin board idea is a perfect ongoing project activity for any level of Spanish students. You can introduce this activity on the first day of school or at any time during the semester in elementary, middle school or high school. Use it as a project or for bonus points. It is authentic realia and Spanish classroom decor at the same time! Can't beat foreign language activities that serve as classroom decorations & learning ideas! #spanishclass #classroom Esl Bulletin Board, Esl Bulletin Board Ideas, Spanish Classroom Bulletin Boards, Spanish Bulletin Boards, Spanish Teacher Classroom, Spanish Classroom Decor, High School Spanish Classroom, Class Bulletin Boards, World Language Classroom

ESL and Spanish Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas with Authentic Items

At the end of last year, I said I was going to take it easy on the beginning-of-year mayhem and NOT touch my bulletin boards for Spanish class. I was going to leave them as they were this year. Did that happen? Nope! I was bitten with the Spanish teacher bulletin board ideas bug again. I decided to modify a Yo Vi Espanol bulletin board after seeing an 'I See Spanish' idea on Pinterest. Spanish Teacher Bulletin Board Ideas with Authentic Realia On this Yo Vi Espanol bulletin board, the kids…

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SRTA Spanish - Enter Your Tagline Here

Okay. You got me. I'm a sucker for scrolling Instagram and Pinterest, looking at those BEAUTIFUL classrooms teachers have put together. You know, the ones

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