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Unleash your inner wizard with these spell book ideas. Explore enchanting pages filled with ancient spells and mystical knowledge to enhance your magical journey.
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The process of making a large leatherbound spell book! 📘✨ I think I spent around a week on this one, but this grimoire is one of my favorites, so the...

Kendra Reines
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DIY Mary Sanderson costume from the thrift store. It's just a bunch of Hocus Pocus! DIY video: Find my Instagram here for more videos! Inspiration: Pleated skirt, orange shirt, red corset, apron Kathy Najimy looks amazing The outfit: Orange puffy sleeve outer shirt ($3 thrift store) Red "corset" top ($3 thrift store) Black and white checkered base skirt ($4 thrift store) Black and purple pleated skirt made into apron ($4 thrift store) Four plastic shower curtain rings painted gold (12 pk at…

Marisol Rodriguez
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This is a very long process, thank you for being patient! My blog was marked as spam by Pinterest so I have to start over again : ) A collection of my hand-drawn/written spell book pages. Most of these spells/tips/information on all-things-witchy came from Pinterest. I altered some ideas and added ingredients to the spells/sachets. And there are [MANY] errors that give it "character". I've been working on the spell book for over two years (summer 2018) and will keep updating the spell pages…

Leo Rava

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