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Make spelling homework fun and engaging with these creative ideas. Help your students improve their spelling skills while having a great time.
Many schools give out a list of spelling words for children to learn each week. Daily 5, Kinder, Tips, School, Job, Onderwijs, Fag, Fle, Escuela

Many schools give out a list of spelling words for children to learn each week. If your child struggles with a more traditional approach to learning them and wants something a little more inspiring, why not try one of these fun ideas for a twist on a fairly mundane task. https://www.pinte ...

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Spelling practice is very important in building word knowledge and writing skills. You can use this spelling practice freebie for any spelling list and for all ages. The free resource contains six practice pages that give a new twist to spelling practice. Spelling can get really boring, so these varied pages can help make spelling a little more engaging and intriguing to do. I love that the resources can be used with your kids of all ages (as long as they can write).

Megan Moore
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What kind of homework assignments do you give your children? Especially with younger students? Our reading curriculum, SuperKids, has high expectations for primary learners. When we started the curriculum a year and a half ago, our first graders were not successful on the spelling tests. The tests included 5 or 6 memory (sight) words and 4-6 spelling pattern words. The only assignments and practice were from the book we completed together in class. We knew that since the group did not have…

Tyann Smith
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Students need time to practice their spelling words. By having a large number of activities to offer, you can avoid falling into the spelling rut! These low-prep editable spelling worksheets help students practice their words in a fun and engaging way. Whether you are using a list of spelling words, vocabulary words, or sight words, all you need to do is type your list of words one time and all of the worksheets will be created at once. Some answer keys will also be generated to help save…

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