Spinel ring

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About This three-stone ring spotlights a 10.73 carat cushion cut No Heat Burmese Spinel set in 18K Yellow Gold with two oval shaped diamonds set in 18K White Gold. The spinel has been certified by Gubelin (#19011229). A diamond pave band features an additional 0.57 carats of diamonds. The Spinel's striking color emotes feelings of dark, mysterious romance and intrigue. SSEF has classified the coloration as "vivid red" in report #107803. The oval shaped diamonds are 1.01 carats D color, VVS2…

Spinel vs Ruby: Comparing the Two Stunning Gemstones | Diamond Buzz Bijoux, Ideas, Spinel Ruby, Ruby Gemstone, Rare Gemstones, Red Spinel, Gemstone Colors, Emerald Ring, Ruby Red

Spinel and ruby are among the most stunning and sought-after gemstones. These gems have similarities; however, they also have distinct differences that make each stand out. In this article, we will provide a comprehensive comparison between spinel vs ruby and explore the various factors that make these gemstones so desirable.