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10 Verses for When You Need God's Strength - We often have more than we can handle, this forces us to go to God for help. These verses will uplift and encourage you. #encouragement #BibleVerses #strength #GroundedMinistry Poem Of Encouragement Strength, God Will Never Give You More Than You Can Handle, Gods Strength Quotes Encouragement, Stay Strong Bible Verse, Quote On Strength, Gods In Control Quotes, Encouragement Scripture Tough Times, Bible Verse Of Encouragement, Quote For Strength Tough Times

Have you ever heard the saying, “God won’t give you more than you can handle?” The problem with this saying is that it gives us the power. It says we can handle every situation. The truth is, God does not give us struggles but allows us to go through them so we will lean on Him. When we have more than we can handle, it forces us to go to God for help. So, how do we get through things that are more than we can handle? Lean into the Word; go to these 10 Bible verses when you need

Tiffany Gaskin
When facing adversity, speak God's promises instead of confessing the problem. #BibleVerse #God #Encouragement Romans, Scripture Verses, Lord, Gods Promises Quotes, Gods Love Quotes, Scripture Quotes, Faith Prayer, Bible Verses Quotes, Inspirational Quotes God

Trials. Stresses. Difficult Times. Where do we turn when life is hard? Jesus told us we would face trials and He offered encouragement so we could maintain our peace. Yet, knowing we will face trials and knowing what to do about them are two very different things.

Linda Price