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Enhance the entrance of your home with stylish split level entryway ideas. Create a warm and inviting space that welcomes guests and sets the tone for your interior design.
21 Awesome Split Level House Ideas - Inside And Out - Home Decor Bliss

Split-level houses were most popular in the 1950s. Are you considering purchasing a split-level house? Or do you currently own a split-level house? The idea of split-level housing might seem dated, but these types of houses can easily be modernized and re-decorated. We've looked into this and found some great ideas. In contrast to traditional […]

Allison Aylsworth
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It’s so much more open!! Here’s a pic of the old peninsula, making it hard to walk from the kitchen to the living room. Notice the tiny doorway into the dark dining room? That was another thing on the client’s wishlist – to make the dining room more light and inviting: We replaced the peninsula with a simple eat-in island, and opened up the passage into a now bright, cheerful dining room. Notice how we were able to open that passage and *still* keep a fabulous pantry?! On the other side of…

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