Sponge painting

Transform your walls with creative sponge painting techniques. Learn how to achieve unique textures and patterns using sponges and add a touch of artistry to your home decor.
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This cloud painting tutorial is incredibly easy to follow and you’ll learn how to create a quirky piece of art for your home.The clouds have been cleverly painted using Q-tips (earbuds) to achieve a fluffy texture. You could get a similar look by using a sponge or by dabbing the canvas with your paintbrush.

Jessie V. Amora
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Kids Craft and Learning Page on Instagram: "Spring Sponge Crafts🌸🍄🐝 follow @abcdeelearning for more kids ideas 🌸Making shapes out of sponges to make crafts couldn’t be easier 🍄I get my sponges from dollar tree! Draw your shapes using sharpies and cut them out 🎨Paint your sponges and make prints on paper! 🌸Thanks to my friend Rozanne from @bright_little_brains for the flower idea- check out her page for more kids ideas!"

Crystalle Dark